The Club Penguin Newspaper And Secrets

19 06 2008

hey penguins!!

The newspaper has come out today and heres some secrets!!

this tells us that there is a new game coming and an upgrade to a few games!!!

here are a few important pictures for the weeks ahead .i think this means that there is instruments coming to the clothing catalog ,an update of aqua grabber , new things coming top the sporting catalog, rockhopper coming back and an old play ”superheros” coming back too!

Also You secret agents come listen up!
there is a picture in the newzpaper with klutzy the crab in it. mouse over it and then click on it!

then once youve done that turn all the puffles RED.

Then you will see the secret message!

if you are not yet a secret agent please click the M at the top right of the screen and answer the questions if you do not know how to answer all the questions go to the cheats page.

The new events!

Now this is my Final post i think!!
im going on holidays tommorow so CJ Or Iceman 200 will be running the blog!!
have a nice summer!!

~Oscar Dude~




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