Earthquake Hits Club Penguin And Mission 8 Coming Monday!

20 06 2008

Hey penguins!!

OMG an Earthquake hit club penguin!!
take a look in the town and coffee shop!!

Penguins Please be careful on club penguin there might be an afershock!

Aldo all Agents please Report To The HQ as There is a Notice Saying there will be a new mission coming very soon …i suspect monday! YAY!!

~Oscar Dude~




5 responses

20 06 2008

i cant wait for the new mission i finished all the others straight away and im really excited!!!!! i also think that the new mission will come out on monday and im super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 06 2008

I am SO excited about the new mssion! Time to get back at Herbert!

23 06 2008

The mission is not out yet…. its monday ;( how can i understand when it can go out? Is it possible to be a message for agents in newspaper?

24 06 2008

I just solved the mission!!!

1 07 2008

how do you get secret gifts for like the one with the puffins

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