4th of July Party! And Other News

1 07 2008

I am hosting a party in CP for Independence Day! If you are an American(Or you want to be here for the party) here are the details:

When: July 4th, 4:30 PST
What server: Thermal
Where: Cjuniour’s igloo, on the map
Be there!

In other news, CP has a new post in the Whats New blog. They have a picture of a shirt that looks cool, but I can’t see what the penguin is holding. If the instruments are back, WOO HOO!!
There’s also news of a party. Be ready!

This has been a NewsCast by Cj.
P.S. If you want to see a picture of the Fireworks, scroll down.




4 responses

1 07 2008

ill be there cj. (i always were whats in my pic cya there)

1 07 2008

im comin 2 if i can get on!!!

1 07 2008

I will so be there!

2 07 2008

i know the thing the penguin is holding is a gutar because if you hover your mouse over it it says: [sneakpeak_gutar.jpg]

and also i might not be wearing whats in the pic cus of the new cataloge (ill have a gutar)

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