Youtube Productions series

5 07 2008

well im gona be making a cptv series but i also want to make music videos…but i need a team  of 3 i just need 1 more because iceman 200 is in it i think so just submit a comment and lol we need a name.. oh and u need to have msn messenger!

and i have a new music video planned for this week and im starting it in a while so get commenting if ur interested!

Oh yea and im back from my holidays WOO!!!!!!!!
and cj have u msn or anything???




4 responses

5 07 2008

Yes. I have MSN.

5 07 2008

Happy you’re Back

6 07 2008

can i join im good with computers animation and videos (i still need to register my hypercam)

18 07 2008
Sonia 46

Wait, arn’t we doing Mammoth TV anymore? And did you delete me or was it just CP? Cuz ill understand if it was CP.

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