5000 Hits Party!!

11 07 2008

hey Everybody thanks for visting our site and now that we are on 5000 hits were gona have an awsome party

When: Saturday 12th of july
Where: Wind Chill On The map
Time : 12.30 PST
Hope you can make it and please comment!

AND to make it even better we are giving 10 Penguins 250,000 coins!
just appear at the party and comment! Woo!




8 responses

11 07 2008
shadow 8c (i forgot to sign in

wat server?
ill be there!
(its weird my user is shadow and theres a shadow guy in the new play!)

11 07 2008

I wont be there. Sorry…


12 07 2008

i cant be there now im banned for hacking for 72 hours (first ever ban)

12 07 2008

ok um what were you hacking?
and i think i will leave the party for another few days because im ill today..

12 07 2008

Oh! Im going to be there now. HaH!

12 07 2008

ok i cnt go today coz my membership ran out at 5.45 european time today and my mum is no where in sight with her credit card! and im not feeling well so i will move the party to monday and what time would suit u cj?

13 07 2008

aww im ther now 😦

13 07 2008

Couldn’t make it. Swim meet.

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