The Club Penguin Newspaper July 17th 2008

17 07 2008

Hey Penguins!!
The new newzpaper is out and The Front Story is

And they also show the green puffle on ice! because he is a hazard for those hackey players!

The Club Penguin Band Tips The Iceburg?

and here are some new events! YAY A MUSIC CONCERT!!!!

i cant wait until the music festival! can you?




4 responses

17 07 2008
Sonia 46

Lol, hackey players. And i can’t wait for the festival either. GO MUSIC FESTIVALS!
By the way, yes i have started commenting on this blog starting…

18 07 2008
Sonia 46

Oh yea, that glitch is fun. I tried it before and people were like “AHHHHHH!” lol. Anyway, yay i had first comment before.

18 07 2008
Sonia 46

Oh whoops, the last post i meant to put it on the How to stand on pathways.

19 07 2008
Sonia 46

Am I the only one commenting on this post? Cuz i visit this blog everyday and i haven’t seen any comments from someone else other than me on it!

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