Music Jam 08

25 07 2008

Hey Penguins

The Music Jam is out!!
and it is brilliant as always

There is a VIP Section of the stage in the Dock and the only way you can get in there is to buy the VIP Pass which you can buy in the snow forts for 50 coins!

Also There is The Backstage area Which is also located at the dock! just beside the VIP Section!

In The backstage They Are selling there instruments!
 you can buy them and the Blue gitar is awsome! plus its brand new to CP!!

Also the Cp Band are playing at the iceburg be sure to go and see them!

Have Fun At the Music Jam!!




4 responses

25 07 2008
Sonia 46

And if you click the dot in i on the music catalog you can get the red guitar!

25 07 2008

Omg i love the ELECTRIC BASE GUITAR it soo kool!

29 07 2008

lately, the band has been on break for so long!

30 07 2008

hey, sweet site 🙂 . I just started mine a month ago in june so i only have over 1000 hits…but when i get 2000 which will be soon ..i’ll add you to my blogroll! and you can add mine if you want!


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