Rockhopper IS COMING!!!

4 08 2008

Hey Penguins

This morning i noticed at the beacon that rockhoppers ship is sailing back to club penguin!
i cannot wait until he comes back because of the cool free items and he MIGHT have a new item to give out if you find him! so keep a look out for rockhopper at the beacon and please comment on what you think he might bring this time!

Update :sorry about that misspelling lol i got most of ship right just took out the P and added a T LOL! nobodys perfect!




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4 08 2008
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4 08 2008

um… you miss-spet ship!!!! you said shit! lol but i think you should change it!
and hes cumin on tue thats wen new level and i cant wait to see the mutant puffle fish thingy in action!

and something about the music jam in the dance lounge, change the greenscreen untill it gets to the notes, the musics from a game try and find out!

i found it out as hydro-hoper!

p.s. first comment!!! (>.<) \,,/

glad this is end now huh? lol

4 08 2008

wat the fuck!!!!!!! (>.<)\,,/ y wont it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 08 2008

there ¦¬D it worked ^^^

4 08 2008

(>.<)\,,/ its becouse i put a space between the slash adn bracet lol y did it make: )

4 08 2008

u see if i dont do the rest though it dousnt work stange :S

4 08 2008

sorry about all those comments a bit accesive lol!

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