Rockhoppers Tresure Hunt Game Fixed!

11 08 2008

hey Penguins
Gizmo has Fixed the Tresure Hunt Game in rockhoppers ship! so go back down and play it while you can lol
This is what he said :
I promised you an update so here it is!  The team has been working really hard to fix the multi-player Treasure Hunt game and I’m happy to report that all the bugs are now squished. Thanks for your patience and support.  Grab a penguin buddy and head to the Captain’s Quarters in the Migrator!!

treasure.jpgThere’s cool treasure (and even a few really rare gems) to find so let me know how you do!!

In Other News:  We’ve heard from so many of you that you love the scavenger hunt!!  If you haven’t done it yet, you have this week to try to find those paper boats all over the island.  Just click the boat on the top right of your screen to get started.  There’s some fun stuff coming up.  I’ll keep you posted.

So theres more planned for rockhopper this week so we will just have to find out on friday!

Oh and my Video Got Taken Down by SONY BMG for using audio that wasnt out yet!

so if you have subbed to me on youtube i will be changing channels sosub me on the other one thanks!




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