Change Letters In Your Name On Club Penguin

12 08 2008

Changing the Letters in your penguins name
1. Open Run, then type in charmap then click open
2. when charmap opens put in the letters of your penguins name and put in some letters that are the same but are in a different form. Dont put in too many or your penguin will not be found.
3.Go on To Club Penguin and your name should come up as you changed it!
Video Tutorial

We Are Also Updating the Cheats Section We should be Done in a few hours!




15 responses

12 08 2008


13 08 2008

it works cool thx 😀

14 08 2008

can othe people see it?
Oscar : Yup they can

14 08 2008

hey cjuinor has left the team why?
Hey i decided to take Cj off the team because he was modifying the site without my permission.
and he has me only on author on his site and he is admin on mine.

24 08 2008

Oscar, Plz reply. I cant do d bloody damn thing. tell me man! it doesnt work

14 09 2008

Dude! please tell me y it won’t work! It doesn’t work!

3 01 2009
doodle bum22

f*** you man mine doesn’t work..ahahah u bloody thing i hate you………..

3 01 2009
doodle bum22

sorry i don’t really mean that but it didn’t work…

4 01 2009

it says penguin not found when i try to log in

11 01 2009

Wow thats awsome!nice post

17 01 2009
Red Apollo

It didnt work~ Ḇṝoḓṻṟ Bṓḅa

17 01 2009
Red Apollo

That’s what I did! 😛 Umph!! I wish it worked!! 😡

20 01 2009

i cant under stain

20 05 2009

dint work 😦

27 07 2009

you ass it dosent work ass

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