About Us

Real Life
hey im tommy! um im 14 and i live in ireland. ahh i have 2 horses booger and lilly. i do gynmastics cycling running swimming and athletic’s. i dont really no what else to say lol..

My Penguin
Well my penguin is oscar dude hes nearly 2 year’s old now and has only been banned once!!

Whats my fav games on Cp
um i really like sled racing because me and my friends see who can fall the most wins! lol its stupid but really fun!! but the other games are pizzatron 3000 and cart surfer but when rockhopper is back i play that gem game!

what servers do i go on?
Well i mainly go on sleet,frozen,mammoth and wind chill
My home server is wind chill because the gang i was in started up there. my favorite room would be the Town,Pizza Parlour, and the dock!

What gang was i in?
well the first gang i was in Jellytotts gang. She was an amazing penguin.if i ever got into trouble on cp she would get me out of it so she was like a big sister lol.well shes the one who got me into blogging as she had a site and i was an admin of it. it wasnt really a cp blog but it was about our rival gang the fluffymuppets we would post bad things about them because they did it about us. but then fluffypuppet tricked me to give her my password to get my penguin a member so i did but then she went into my wordpress and took everyone off of jellytotts blog and added her intead. so everyone on jellytotts gang was annoyed with me. but totts wasent she just said its ok.
then i went on to fluffypuppets gang for a month then i came back to totts. because i missed her then 2 weeks later she died of cancer. but them 2 weeks before she died we talked until 3 in the morning on msn it was really funny because we wud just talk about anything.. and then she got an operation and died 2 days after on chirstmas day… RIP NANCY luv ya bbe…

23 responses

6 06 2008

I made my penguin on the 18th!!

Oscar : Kool!

14 06 2008

lol my B-day is the 18th of febuary 😀 🙂 I promise

19 06 2008

I wish I could meet your penguin! Mine is almost a year old, and has membership. And I’m POSITIVE your’s ROCKS!!!!

Oscar dude: Do you want to meet on cp Now??? 😉

19 06 2008


19 06 2008

Winter land, Dojo?

19 06 2008

Nice meeting you!
Oscar : Nice meeting you too! 😉

26 06 2008

Hey Cjuniour, I see you right now on CP! I’m Tamicka

I don’t think I saw your penguin. Want to become friends?

27 06 2008


27 06 2008

ello Maggie

15 07 2008

hey tommy guess what i made a new site its not club pengguin and all cause i couldnt come close to doing as well as you and some of my mates like flif sportsdude and jc4x4 but check it out i think its good.

20 07 2008

21 07 2008

22 07 2008

Do you accept no-members as your buddys? I’m not and I would really like to be your buddy.

25 07 2008

hey ppl who work on this blog. can you get sum of your 9000 hits comming in my direction plz.id add you to my blog roll that might send sum of my 4000 hits to you and ill check yuor blog reg instead of using it when im bored.oh and wanna work on my less sucessful but beter blog.my blog has sumtin for everyone check it out. its http://firedemon7.wordpress.com
clicking my name will send you to my piczo. you dont wanna go there cuz its not very good but is still very popular for an unknown reason.

27 07 2008

im a real ritch penguin i have 78020 dollers and im a real big fan of you can i meet you on frozen some day

P.S post back

28 07 2008

heyyyy….oscar can you go on cp now ummmm……deep snow,ice burg???????

1 08 2008


1 08 2008

Peace Bro 😀 🙂

8 08 2008
Wendy Ragiste

Any chance of adding an FAQ page?

15 08 2008

hey man, nice site, wanna meet on cp, sometime?

28 08 2008

Your so lucky! I love horses and horse back riding!

28 08 2008

My e-mail is:

Cj-Rockin’ Out!

8 11 2008

ive meet oscar dude but i got tooken of his freind list one day but that dont bother me because i can see him here =]~!

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