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if you have any Questions about club penguin or this site Just ask me!
ask the question in the comment box bellow and i will post back as soon as possible!

Nathanlius asks :
what is CP Trainer

Oscar answers:
Cp trainer is a club penguin hacking device you can change your name get FAKE member ship and hack rare items!the downside is that people cant see you waring the items or see your new name they just see you as you normally look.And if you get caught hacking you get banned for three days i would not advise you to hack your good penguin just make a new worthless one to test it on!

Jinzo Asks:
Whats A Club Penguin Money Maker?

Oscar Answers
Cp Money Maker Gets You Coins On Cp But You Cannot Use It Any More As The People Who Invented it Stopped it.

Maggie asks: what Other websites do you play on
Oscar answers : Well MySpace Piczo Dollwar(for talkin to my cuz while im on holidays) i tested for webkinz meewee youtube and club penguin! theres probably a few i forgot because theres soo many!!

CJuniour asks :was i born in the usa or ireland
Oscar answers: I was born in ireland lol but some of my family live in the USA! um facts about ireland…
well is nearly always raining! and i dont know what else ah it has a big river called shannon am… i dont know what else to say!! sorry.

Maggie Asks:Will the Iceberg really tip?
Cjuniour Answers:Maybe someday, It has never been done before. Don’t believe the edits on the Youtube videos.

Whoa! Lot’s of questions! Let’s start with Breaker913.

Breaker913 Asks:Why do people say: ‘Secret room follow me for it!’?
Cjuniour Answers:They want to trick you into following them for no reason and making you miss something cool and feeling really bad about it. Don’t listen to them. This is the same when they say they’ve found a free item or Rockhopper or Gary the Gadget Guy or Aunt Arctic.

Lavadragon2 Asks:Is CP Trainer 2 free?
Cjuniour Answers:Yes, But it will not work anymore because Clubenguin will not use Load.SWF websites anymore.

Jizno2 Asks:Is Billybob 97 the real Billybob?
Cjuniour Answers:No. There are only two users Billybob has, and i forgot the other one.

Darkfire78 Asks:How can you become a member for free?
Cjuniour Answers: I do not know. Oscar might tell you, but I think getting free membership is going against Club Penguin Rules.

Carly ASKS : I cant get the lights in the town to work HELP!!
Oscar dude : Ok dont worry go back to the dock and see if you have missed any lights i missed one there Please click this link for the locations of all the lamps!

46 responses

18 06 2008

Just Wondering What is A Cp Money Maker And Have You Guy’s And Girl ever Thought About Having Other peguin’s in the Cp Team??? Party Lika Rock StAR 😛 😛 😛

18 06 2008

when does the catalog for guitar come? and the metal robot suit again just wondering you probally got a lot of post to answer from me soo untill then Party Lika RocK St@R!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😀 :O :S

18 06 2008

am i the only one keeping this web site alive or where is every one!?
ROCK On! 😛 😀

Oscar: LOL we get over 100 views a day but no one comments!!
comon you guys comment plz!!

30 06 2008

What are some other websites you play on?

1 07 2008

How do you make the awesome effects on your club penguin music videos?

6 07 2008

Were you born in USA or Ireland? And can you tell me some facts about Ireland(besides the fairy tales of Leprochans[sorry for misspelling])?


7 07 2008

Is it true the ice burg can tip?

15 07 2008

NO more Red Alert glad that u got things fixed =)

16 07 2008

i didnt get the bag can you help

17 07 2008
Sonia 46

hey Oscar i got a question: Are there any ninjas in CP (other than shadows)?
And cool blog.

17 07 2008

hey i got a question:
why do people say secret room follow me for it????
its sooooooooo lame

18 07 2008
Sonia 46

Lol, no need to answer my question anymore cuz of the Ninjas in Frozen.

19 07 2008

oscar man i havnt seen post’s lately or any thing Cj…. um ya if u need help with your blog roll man my Yahoo is 🙂 well like to hear from ya’s

20 07 2008

Heya i got my 1st you tube vid im kinda new but is for Sro Silk road online

20 07 2008
21 07 2008

30 07 2008

Is CP Trainer 2 free?????

1 08 2008

just logged out look at every one

1 08 2008

osca i have question is Billybob 97 real billybob? cause i saw him today

1 08 2008


9 08 2008

i love your vids can u make one with me plz im your number one fan! and i was wondering if u have a girlfriend?

9 08 2008

How can u become a member for free?

10 08 2008

hey….how to put whos online on a websites?

16 08 2008

How do you ask him??????????

16 08 2008

hey oscar do u still go on cp??? if u do wannna be friends????

19 08 2008

Is I’m the winner of your story competion?

22 08 2008

at the games the lights wont light up in the town! help!

22 08 2008

how do u get the screen to say go!?!?

22 08 2008

It’s good you answered the missed the light question. So many people have hard times with that.

23 08 2008
My Puppy654

can u put me on ur blogroll?

24 08 2008
Sonia 46

Billybob’s other account is Mace. Just a quick thing i wanted to say.

– Sonia 46

26 08 2008

Oscar Dude,


6 09 2008

Hi lol

22 09 2008

make me a ninja

26 09 2008

i saw your miley cyrus video 7things and it was awesome!!!! where did you get those AWESOME effects? and is it free?

28 11 2008
Souja Bouy

Hey my name in club penguin is Souja Bouy and how do you get the bag.I checked mail but it says no get item.And do you still play club penguin.

28 11 2008
Souja Bouy

Hey my name in club penguin is Souja Bouy and how do you get the bag.I checked mail but it says no get item.And do you still play club penguin.I wanna be your buddy.

8 05 2009

how do you get free membership without competion hacking or paying please tell me im a 10 year old i feel like crying please help

18 10 2009

how do u get penguin impact 3
coz wen i go onto it
the thing is all blank!
Oscaer plzzz go on cp
and add me
I’m in server Flurry and I’m in the Snow Forts!
My penguin name is Snowflake843
plzzz add me wen u c me!
thx!! byez!

18 10 2009

oscar go onto c.p on server Flurry in the Snow Forts!
plzzz my penguin name is Snowflake843
Add me wen u c me!
thx! byez!

18 10 2009

I’m on c.p now in Flurry in the Snow Forts,
but I’m thinkin of goin sumwhere else! Server Brumby
at the Ice Burg!

18 10 2009

oh and my penguin name is Snowflake843

18 10 2009


Oscars Reply: seeing as your ashling with the same Ip addy tracing to ireland (i know where you live watch your back fool!) so you want to be a girl or a boy? micheal or aislinn? xD

18 10 2009

Micheal! c.p is great ok! I can’t believe u think that!
ur the weird one ok! I’ts not boring and ur gonna get quite a lot of replys!
becoz of ur stupid comment!

from Aislinn a.k.a Snowflake843 (in c.p)

18 10 2009

No! Aislinn c.p is sooo stupid!
I don’t care wat u say!
or anyone else!
u hear that I don”t care!

18 10 2009

ok micheal! be that way!
but u will regret wat u sed!
wen u ar a c.p luver like us!
but anywayz go ahed don’t like c.p so
I don’t really care ither and for 1 thing I don’t care about u!
go ahead c if I care!

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