Cheats and Glitches

Changing the Letters in your penguins name
1. Open Run, then type in charmap then click open
2. when charmap opens put in the letters of your penguins name and put in some letters that are the same but are in a different form. Dont put in too many or your penguin will not be found.
3.Go on To Club Penguin and your name should come up as you changed it!
Video Tutorial

Stand on Pathways Glitch over to the pathway

2.when your running past the sign click the message icon up in the corner

3.then wait a few seconds

4.then click out of the mail should be standing on the pathway

Special Dances with Different Items on:
1. Have on any clothes you want or no clothes.
2. Go to your player card.
3. Put on an item that you can do a special dance with.
4. Don’t close your player card.
5. Now dance or wave (depending on what special item you’re doing it with).
6. Now you should be doing a weird dance.

Hockey Puck Glitch:

1. Go to the Ice Rink.
2. Wait for the puck to stop moving if it is.
3. Hold the tab button and click on the puck.
4. Now click anywhere you want and the puck will go there.

Catch the Big Fish In Ice Fishing:

When you see the big fish (Mullet) starting to come hook a yellow fish on the line, but don’t reel it in yet. Instead, keep it there until the big fish comes and then use the yellow fish as bait.

Bring your puffle surfing!


Candy Pizzas in Pizzatron 3000:

Click The Lever on the Pizza tron and then Click play it will go into the candy version.

Coffee beans : Get a better score

Once Your score is on 95 keep getting bags but dont put them on the holder until you are nearly about to drop them. your score then should be 120 or so. because level one finishes at score 100


Astro Barrier Cheats:

1. While on the loading screen press 1, 2 or 3 to get to levels 10 20 and 30.

2. When you beat level 6 shoot the blue and green targets to get an extra point and live (shoot the blue one first).

3. When you beat level 9 wait 30 seconds and a blue ship will appear, shoot it to get to the secret levels!

Quickly Full Puffle Stats:

Give it a bath then feed it.

Puffles with No Names:

When it is time to name your puffle just name him with a bunch of spaces.

Sit Forward:

1. Move your mouse so your penguin is facing forward.
2. Press ‘S’ on your keyboard.

Secret Agents & Tour Guides Cheats

Answers to the Secret Agent quiz:

1. Honest
2. Being mean or rude
3. Report them
4. Saying their address
5. I want to keep Club Penguin Safe
6. I want to help other penguins

Answers to the Tour Guide Quiz:

(Questions are Italicized and don’t always come in this order)

How many sled-racing courses are there?

How does the pink puffle play?
Skips with skipping rope

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?

What day does the newspaper come out?

Which of these games has a shark in it?
Jet pack adventure

What color of puffle can catch on fire?

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?

What is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of bean counters?
A Flowerpot

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin Times?
The Boiler Room

What is the name of Captain Rockhopper’s ship?
The Migrater

Which of these rooms does not have a game in it?

Which room has a cuckoo clock?
Ski Lodge

How do you get a pin?
Walk on top of it

Which of these places doesn’t have music playing in the background?
Pet Shop

23 responses

15 06 2008

hey ! thats cooooool
Oscar: Yup 😀

18 06 2008

Some Did not Work For me i wonder why…

Oscar:some of them have changed since CPIP and some you have to be on big screen and some on the small screen!

20 06 2008

Oscar: Do yo Mean The Smileys on club penguin? ok there is a smiley face on the chat bar where you type in to chat to people click that then lots of different ‘smileys’ should appear then click the one you want and it should pop up above your head.

24 06 2008

Thanks for using my cheat!

27 06 2008

Nice Cheat Maggie 😉

4 07 2008

I love those cheats alot of then worked

20 07 2008

28 07 2008

hey ummm those r so koool most of them some of them didnt work cause they updated clubpenguin and they made it so you cant do some of them so….yea…..o yea do u no any coin cheats that will work for the new clubpenguin??????

1 08 2008

HI oscar just logged OUT!

8 08 2008

So cool thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!! ():

10 08 2008

There is also a secret room in the last level of Thin Ice. Theres lots of coin bags inside!!!!!!!

16 08 2008


28 08 2008

did you know the cheat that when you pass level thirty, wait twenty to thirty seconds and a blue rocket will appear. More secret levels!

19 09 2008

cool cheats ! Thanks anyway

26 09 2008

😦 the club penguin symbol thing doesn’t work anymore 😦

28 09 2008
mr 1236

i wouid really love to meet you at the bolier rom on monday at 12 o’clock plz go there ill be in sub zero if full mamoth if full i’ll be in yeti it’s oftenn full so well i’ll be in plz read so i’ll be in ummm well how about artic + WHAT THE HELL IS THE SYMBOL OF CLUB PENGUIN

28 09 2008
mr 1236

i wouid really love to meet you at the bolier room on monday at 12 o’clock plz go there ill be in sub zero if full mamoth if full i’ll be in yeti it’s oftenn full so well i’ll be in plz read so i’ll be in ummm well how about artic + WHAT THE HELL IS THE SYMBOL OF CLUB PENGUIN

28 09 2008
mr 1236

AND I RULE club penguin well it better be somtime before THE ALL FAIR ENDS

28 09 2008

kjfekjsjtrijyht jcd t5ovgoktgrvfi reuoibtoiug689u487r

2 10 2008


8 11 2008

some have changed like he said

19 12 2009

how do you find the mission guides i have typed MISSION CHEATS & MISSION GUIDES.Please help me.

1 01 2010

Change This Blog Or Clubpenguin Will Ban Oscar Dude Forever.


|Clubpenguin Managment|

P.S. “Waddle On!” Unless We Ban You.

Oscar replys:
Haha lol hilarious especcially with an email adress like this anishpandya**!
totally fake why would i take down my site asshole? ive got emails from cp before and they aint hotmail dot com FYI! xD noob..

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