Site Updates

2 08 2008

Hey Penguins!
we are going to be updating the site alot! since we have reached 10,000 hits and counting!
we have been getting an enormus amount of hits lately and we are very happy about it so we have decided to give you lot a chat room on the site and a forum plus we are keeping the monthly membership competion! and we are adding on a page we hope you all will like plus if you have any ideas about putting up pages and ideas for the site please comment and tell us!

PLUS we are having a party Next Friday on our 10,000 hits! It will be filmed and put on youtube
AND we are making our own CPTV episodes called Club Penguin Hideout so we will need you to come and star in our show! so Keep rocking all you amazing penguins!

~Oscar Dude~

The Club Penguin Pin 1st August 2008

1 08 2008

Hey Penguins
the new pin is out but its tricky to find…
OK well its in the nightclub underneath the green puffle on the speaker! lol

And its a vinyl record!!!
You now have the RECORD pin!!

Its petty cool huh???

Cya all soon ~oscar~

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Secrets August 2008

1 08 2008

Hey Penguins!
The new catalog is out and always theres secrets!

Click the glacier suit top to get a jade necklace

Click the Elvis Hair to get The viking helmet click it twice more to get the blue viking helmet

Click on The Bubble on the skirt to get a divers helmet!

Click The pink button on the pink gitar to get mixed braclets

Click the side of the sile and get a woodsman hat!

Club Penguin Newspaper July 31st 2008

31 07 2008

Hey Penguins
the Newspaper came out again as always and here was some cool things in it!

Well The Music Jam Party Is Staying until August 5th! ENCORE!! I really like it soo far do you??

Wow this is an amazing story. when you play aqua grabber you can find some pearls isnt that Awesome! oh and a pilot spilled some cola on board and would like you to come help them to clean the mess up August 5th!

And here are the upcoming events

pretty cool line up heh?

Come back for more tommorow as always!
cya Then