Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Secrets September 5th 2008

5 09 2008

Hey Penguins!
The new clothing catalog is out and as always theres cheats!

Click the Yellow Puffle To Get A red Viking Helmet Click it 2 more times to get a Blue Viking Helmet!

Click The Penguins mouth to get Mixed braclets

Click the guitar to get A Jade necklace

Thats all for this week
please leave a comment on what you liked best in the catalog!
~Oscar Dude~

Club Penguin Wig Catalog Secrets

5 09 2008

Hey penguins
the new wig catalog came with only one cheat and a few nice wigs!
so heres the cheats!

click the spikester to get the spikette!

Thats all for the wig catalog!

Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Secrets August 2008

15 08 2008

Hey Penguins
The New Igloo catalog is out and first theres the new igloo the SHIP! and the GYM these are sooo awesome!

Now to the secrets
click near the crowbar to get a small secret stone igloo

Click the Door of the duluxe snow igloo to get a secret duluxe stone igloo

Club Penguin Sports Catalog Secrets August 2008

15 08 2008

Hey Penguins
The New Sports catalog is out and we found some secrets!!
Click the pom pom of the chearleader to get a orange football helmet!

click the sufboard the clam and the star fish to get a sliver surfboard

The play

8 08 2008

Hey Penguins
The new play is out today is Team blue rally 2 aka highschool musical 2 LOL

well check out the catalog it has some awesome stuff in it!


Throw Snowballs in the New Stage and they become dodgeballs!

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Secrets August 2008

1 08 2008

Hey Penguins!
The new catalog is out and always theres secrets!

Click the glacier suit top to get a jade necklace

Click the Elvis Hair to get The viking helmet click it twice more to get the blue viking helmet

Click on The Bubble on the skirt to get a divers helmet!

Click The pink button on the pink gitar to get mixed braclets

Click the side of the sile and get a woodsman hat!