Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Secrets September 5th 2008

5 09 2008

Hey Penguins!
The new clothing catalog is out and as always theres cheats!

Click the Yellow Puffle To Get A red Viking Helmet Click it 2 more times to get a Blue Viking Helmet!

Click The Penguins mouth to get Mixed braclets

Click the guitar to get A Jade necklace

Thats all for this week
please leave a comment on what you liked best in the catalog!
~Oscar Dude~

How to Get thousands of coins in a few seconds without hacking! Or being banned!

30 08 2008

This has been removed
please do not use this anymore as it logs you out of cp
you will not be banned if you have used it

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats August-September 2008

29 08 2008

Hey penguins the furniture catalog is out and its based on the pizza parlor!
Its really awesome!
here are the cheats!

Click The Lava Lapt to get a Blender!

Click the Piano For the guitar stand!

And OMG thats all the cheats ONLY 2well hopefully next month we will hvae more than thaT!

Happy shopping!
~Oscar Dude~

Club Penguin Newspaper July 24th

24 07 2008

Hey penguins Heres The newspaper!

The penguin Playing the Drums Gets The front page


Theres New Rules On Cp For July 25th

Want to get to know the club penguin band? Then go to this page and mouse over one of them and info will show!

and do you want to meet the band now for real? The paper gives there timetable of where there gonna be!

These are all the main storys in the newz today!

cyas laters

! ~oscardude~