The Newspaper Review 14th August 2008

14 08 2008

Hey Penguins

The Newspaper is out today and this is whats in it!

The Main Headline is Preparing For the Penguin Games!

But First Rockhoppers igloo will be arriving tommorow!
He would like to thank all you Penguins who helped roary find the paper boats!

The Club Penguin Games!

well the club penguin games are gonna be a whole load of fun!
There WILL BE NO Free items at the club penguin Games! You  will have to work for them!
I really think the club penguin games are a lot of minigames tennis and lots of others
what do you think?
Plus on the next page they have a disscussion between Roary and Rookie so have a click on that!

Now the Events

looks like an awesome line up i cant wait to see rockhoppers new igloo!

Cya Laterz!

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Secrets August 2008

1 08 2008

Hey Penguins!
The new catalog is out and always theres secrets!

Click the glacier suit top to get a jade necklace

Click the Elvis Hair to get The viking helmet click it twice more to get the blue viking helmet

Click on The Bubble on the skirt to get a divers helmet!

Click The pink button on the pink gitar to get mixed braclets

Click the side of the sile and get a woodsman hat!

Music Jam 08

25 07 2008

Hey Penguins

The Music Jam is out!!
and it is brilliant as always

There is a VIP Section of the stage in the Dock and the only way you can get in there is to buy the VIP Pass which you can buy in the snow forts for 50 coins!

Also There is The Backstage area Which is also located at the dock! just beside the VIP Section!

In The backstage They Are selling there instruments!
 you can buy them and the Blue gitar is awsome! plus its brand new to CP!!

Also the Cp Band are playing at the iceburg be sure to go and see them!

Have Fun At the Music Jam!!