How to Get thousands of coins in a few seconds without hacking! Or being banned!

30 08 2008

This has been removed
please do not use this anymore as it logs you out of cp
you will not be banned if you have used it


Change Letters In Your Name On Club Penguin

12 08 2008

Changing the Letters in your penguins name
1. Open Run, then type in charmap then click open
2. when charmap opens put in the letters of your penguins name and put in some letters that are the same but are in a different form. Dont put in too many or your penguin will not be found.
3.Go on To Club Penguin and your name should come up as you changed it!
Video Tutorial

We Are Also Updating the Cheats Section We should be Done in a few hours!

New free Blue Mail Bag!

16 07 2008

hey penguins!!
if you havent spotted this by now
to get the BLUE mail bag click it on the club penguin post card! or just click Get item!

I think it looks really cool

Thanks Club penguin!!