New free Blue Mail Bag!

16 07 2008

hey penguins!!
if you havent spotted this by now
to get the BLUE mail bag click it on the club penguin post card! or just click Get item!

I think it looks really cool

Thanks Club penguin!!

New Features Updates!!!

16 07 2008

hey penguins!!

ok theres some kwl new stuff like

When you log in

the Suggested Servers!

The penguin Mail

ok this is a bit weird you click on the OLD postcard icon for your friend requests and click on the letter whcih used to be the OLD friend friend requests for the postcards! it got me a bit confused!!

Player Cards Chaned

New Postcard View

New igloo Update

The spy Phone at the side of the screen!

When Your Friend comes Online This Pops UP

When you go into the map Players ACTUAL IGLOOS come up!

and when you buy membership