The Pin August 29th 2008

29 08 2008

Hey people
The new pin is out today so lets go find it!
ok the new  pin is the 150th Golden Newspaper

Its a Golden Newspaper for the 150th newspaper made!!


HOw to get the 150th newspaper pin
1.Go to the Nightclub
2.Go through the right speaker
3.When you go into the speaker You go to the boiler room where the pin is the pin and a message should come up on screen then click YES

~Oscar Dude~

Newspaper Review August 21st 2008

21 08 2008

Hey Penguins The Newspaper is out but theres not really much to report about just the club penguin games which we covered last week.

The Club Penguin Games

Rookie has told us this week that there will be a cross country marathon ,a swim meet and a track meet!

And he also told us there will be a soccar pitch For MEMBERS ONLY! it will be located at the ice rink!

Plus you will have to work and win to get items! because the free items wont be all around Cp this time!

And Also you should have a look at the page with waddling down memory lane it has some cool info about club penguin in its younger days!

And This weeks and next weeks events!

so wow Cp is going into its 150th issue of the newspaper ! we will probably get somthing free!!

thats all folks!
cya laterz
-Oscar Dude

The Newspaper Review 14th August 2008

14 08 2008

Hey Penguins

The Newspaper is out today and this is whats in it!

The Main Headline is Preparing For the Penguin Games!

But First Rockhoppers igloo will be arriving tommorow!
He would like to thank all you Penguins who helped roary find the paper boats!

The Club Penguin Games!

well the club penguin games are gonna be a whole load of fun!
There WILL BE NO Free items at the club penguin Games! You  will have to work for them!
I really think the club penguin games are a lot of minigames tennis and lots of others
what do you think?
Plus on the next page they have a disscussion between Roary and Rookie so have a click on that!

Now the Events

looks like an awesome line up i cant wait to see rockhoppers new igloo!

Cya Laterz!

The Newspaper Review August 7th 2008

7 08 2008

Hey Penguins
The newspaper Came out today as always and heres what was in it!
The music jam review was on the front page and it just tells us different penguins opinons of the party! well i thought the music was really annoing but it was fun what do you think of it??

Well i cant wait for the next event on club penguin, The club penguin games!! (like the disney channel games LOL) i think it willl be fun but how are we supposed to get to run around the whole of club penguin if were doing laps? they just probably make NEW Games for us !! Thats coming the 22nd of august! be there or be square! lol JKS!!

Rockhopper is coming back to club penguin but this time he needs his ship designed as one of his designers has lost the paper he drew it on or somthing.. so YOU have to find it!
it will be happening tomorow when rockhopper hits club penguins shores! i cannot wait!

Heres The Events For Next week  and this week!

thats all folks
~Oscar Dude~
Oh and we are preparing the forum right now like images ect. so it should be ready in a few days!
the chat is coming today!!

Club Penguin Newspaper July 31st 2008

31 07 2008

Hey Penguins
the Newspaper came out again as always and here was some cool things in it!

Well The Music Jam Party Is Staying until August 5th! ENCORE!! I really like it soo far do you??

Wow this is an amazing story. when you play aqua grabber you can find some pearls isnt that Awesome! oh and a pilot spilled some cola on board and would like you to come help them to clean the mess up August 5th!

And here are the upcoming events

pretty cool line up heh?

Come back for more tommorow as always!
cya Then

Club Penguin Newspaper July 24th

24 07 2008

Hey penguins Heres The newspaper!

The penguin Playing the Drums Gets The front page


Theres New Rules On Cp For July 25th

Want to get to know the club penguin band? Then go to this page and mouse over one of them and info will show!

and do you want to meet the band now for real? The paper gives there timetable of where there gonna be!

These are all the main storys in the newz today!

cyas laters

! ~oscardude~

The Club Penguin Newspaper July 17th 2008

17 07 2008

Hey Penguins!!
The new newzpaper is out and The Front Story is

And they also show the green puffle on ice! because he is a hazard for those hackey players!

The Club Penguin Band Tips The Iceburg?

and here are some new events! YAY A MUSIC CONCERT!!!!

i cant wait until the music festival! can you?