Site Updates

2 08 2008

Hey Penguins!
we are going to be updating the site alot! since we have reached 10,000 hits and counting!
we have been getting an enormus amount of hits lately and we are very happy about it so we have decided to give you lot a chat room on the site and a forum plus we are keeping the monthly membership competion! and we are adding on a page we hope you all will like plus if you have any ideas about putting up pages and ideas for the site please comment and tell us!

PLUS we are having a party Next Friday on our 10,000 hits! It will be filmed and put on youtube
AND we are making our own CPTV episodes called Club Penguin Hideout so we will need you to come and star in our show! so Keep rocking all you amazing penguins!

~Oscar Dude~

Map Update

24 07 2008

Hey Penguins
the igloo map has changed(which is good!) because you werent able to see which igloos you wanted to go to like you would have to hover over each one to see if it was right but now they have added a list to the side!

Stand on pathways Glitch after upgrade HOW TO

17 07 2008

hey penguins i just made a video of this so if you want to watch the video intead it has a written walkthrough at the end… over to the pathway

2.when your running past the sign click the message icon up in the corner

3.then wait a few seconds

4.then click out of the mail should be standing on the pathway!

New Features Updates!!!

16 07 2008

hey penguins!!

ok theres some kwl new stuff like

When you log in

the Suggested Servers!

The penguin Mail

ok this is a bit weird you click on the OLD postcard icon for your friend requests and click on the letter whcih used to be the OLD friend friend requests for the postcards! it got me a bit confused!!

Player Cards Chaned

New Postcard View

New igloo Update

The spy Phone at the side of the screen!

When Your Friend comes Online This Pops UP

When you go into the map Players ACTUAL IGLOOS come up!

and when you buy membership