Clothing Catalog Secrets

Catalog Secrets July 2008
Click the right boot for the Cheesy Necktie.

Click the string for the Crystal Staff.

Click the buckle for the Red Viking Helmet. Click it 3 more times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click the Meter on the right of the three blue buttons for the Diver’s Helmet.

6 responses

23 12 2007

this is iceman 200 oscas cuz & admin!

i mostly do his cheat postings!

please comment on our blog!
Come On; Waddle On!

19 06 2008

Your cheats are Wicked! They are SO useful! Thanks!

23 06 2008

in the “big wigs” Catalogue click the spikester and
you get a pink mohiken called “The Spikett”!

25 08 2008

how do you get the facepaint for the games?

26 09 2008

erm… there is a new catalog you know

28 09 2008

sorry about the f word it was me mawa ha !!!!!!!

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