Where Have i been

28 02 2010

Well ive been playing farmville A LOT! i have 4 level 70 accounts on it and my main one with all masterys and over 30 millions farmville cash!

and ive been studying! STUDYING?!?!?! WTF!
yup i have my mock exams and they are really boring!!!!!! help guys you gotta SAVE ME!

whats worse is i can post videos on YT cause my camera is broken!

so why im posting this is cause if you play farmville imma show you how to get to level 70 the quickest way on http://www.ifarmville.wordpress.com
i will post vlogs ect! so please feed!

Drumroll please…

17 08 2009

hey penguins its oscar dude here and im back after quitting club penguin now i have come back after my cousin ollie 484 (kate) had got membership and needs a bit of help on club penguin so i decided to come back and help her~
 so yeh now i play wow and club penguin

im on the arathor on wow and im horde as if u read the wow lore u figure out that the alliance are the true evil ones..

so getting away from that i am making club penguin productions on yt check out my channel www.youtube.com/imtomcom

 and post ur application in comments!

Club Penguin Present Pin December 19th 2008

28 12 2008

Hey peepz
The New Pin is out!!!
And its the present!
Looks awesome doesnt it!

You can find it in the ski lodge by the fireplace

Oscar dude
Hope you have a nice Christmas!

Club Penguin Free Items 19 December 2008

28 12 2008

Hey Peepz!
If you have noticed club penguin is full of snow!! YAY ITS XMAS TIME!!

There are free items as usual

The Santa hat which is located at the snow forts

And The Santa Beard which is at the ski village
cool huh?
the beard was a really old item which has come back so i guess it aint that rare anymore huh?

Oscar Dude

Club Penguin Newspaper September 11th 2008

11 09 2008

Hey Penguins
sorry For the delay with posting
i have just been so busy with school and evening study(GRR!!)

So heres the newspaper!
The Main Headline “The New Play Is A Mystery”
well it is isnt it? we all thought i was ninjas it still could be but i think its a detecive kind of a play kinda like cluedo!
hes some of the cheats on that page!

Also There is The Fall Fair That is coming back this year!
it was really fun last year so dont miss it!
it starts the 29th of september!

And heres the new events!

So Come back tommorow for the latest updates!
Night Night!!
~Oscar Dude~

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Secrets September 5th 2008

5 09 2008

Hey Penguins!
The new clothing catalog is out and as always theres cheats!

Click the Yellow Puffle To Get A red Viking Helmet Click it 2 more times to get a Blue Viking Helmet!

Click The Penguins mouth to get Mixed braclets

Click the guitar to get A Jade necklace

Thats all for this week
please leave a comment on what you liked best in the catalog!
~Oscar Dude~

Club Penguin Wig Catalog Secrets

5 09 2008

Hey penguins
the new wig catalog came with only one cheat and a few nice wigs!
so heres the cheats!

click the spikester to get the spikette!

Thats all for the wig catalog!

How to Get thousands of coins in a few seconds without hacking! Or being banned!

30 08 2008

This has been removed
please do not use this anymore as it logs you out of cp
you will not be banned if you have used it

The Pin August 29th 2008

29 08 2008

Hey people
The new pin is out today so lets go find it!
ok the new  pin is the 150th Golden Newspaper

Its a Golden Newspaper for the 150th newspaper made!!


HOw to get the 150th newspaper pin
1.Go to the Nightclub
2.Go through the right speaker
3.When you go into the speaker You go to the boiler room where the pin is
4.click the pin and a message should come up on screen then click YES

~Oscar Dude~

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats August-September 2008

29 08 2008

Hey penguins the furniture catalog is out and its based on the pizza parlor!
Its really awesome!
here are the cheats!

Click The Lava Lapt to get a Blender!

Click the Piano For the guitar stand!

And OMG thats all the cheats ONLY 2well hopefully next month we will hvae more than thaT!

Happy shopping!
~Oscar Dude~